Cherry Blossom & Bluebird Skies


After beginning this blog, I have felt nothing but inspired: I want to be taking my days from the roots, feeling grateful for the air I breathe and the life I lead. As a way to begin this new journey, I yesterday took some time to sit, relax, and bathe in the very rare British sunshine!
For anyone from a country with even a slightly warmer climate than the UK (which, lets be real, isn’t very difficult!), then it may be hard to relate that 16° – and sunny! – pretty much calls for barbecues, swimsuits, and a whole load of mock/cocktails! It’s crazy how much the sun lifts my mood; her a sneak peek of my day:

13162290_1023778494375779_2045554949_nOur beautiful bunny Maisie: her second time playing outside since becoming Mummy to three one-month-old babies ♥

13101550_1023778507709111_1450076669_nDandelions, tulips and holly bushes

13162120_1023778524375776_1649772854_nMultitasking at its best: sunbathing and reading an amazing book

13101110_1023778541042441_202287839_nAnd a close-up of our cherry blossom tree: by far my favourite part of our garden!

The day fell into evening with my mum and I heading out to one of our favourite restaurants; I didn’t take any pictures here, but I can assure you the strawberry milkshakes are incredible!

So what am I going to be doing today? The original plan was the mandatory for a Sunday afternoon: psychology revision (I’m nearly at the stage of receiving a diploma!), chores, and reading; however, the plans may have slightly altered as the weather is stunning again today! Hopefully lots of sunbathing, reading, and memory-making are on the cards.

I have a little something planned for my next post: something a little more on the serious side, and yet something I feel the need to discuss!

For now, I will soak up the sun and be whisked away in the moments.

Faye xx

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