Writing Blues & Workouts


For the past two weeks or so, the days have gone by in a blur: with a visit to the North-West of France, last-minute psychology revision and friendship-related dramas, it’s taken me some time to slow down and fall back into my usual routine.
Which, of course, means blogging!

During the past three weeks (0r sometime around then), I’ve been slowly but surely stressing more and more with my ever-nearing deadline for my book, The Key Keeper; this being the fourth book I will have had published, I am familiar with the daunting sensation of having a deadline, and yet the fear doesn’t really dissipate – no matter how many times I go through the process!
My second book I wrote and the first book in my series, The Friendship Flame, was, to say the least, a bit of a nightmare to write: although I adore it when the words flow from my fingertips and, of course, when it all comes to a close and the success arrives, I was a lot younger and didn’t truly understand the importance of a deadline and keeping up a fanbase: for the duration of three years, I pushed the deadline further and further back, procrastinating and putting it off as much as possible. It was incredible to write, and never would I take it back, but it is still a very scary process for someone so young!
Even years later, I find that working under the pressure of a deadline is not where my strengths lie: I panic, my mind seems to shut down, and I try to pretend that it doesn’t exist. This, I realise, is a habit I need to break, a fear I need to face: to calm, clear my mind, and just write.
This blog helps so much in this area, which is an advantage I hadn’t even realised would come about: somehow writing about my thoughts, no matter how trivial, gloomy, or overall ridiculous, helps me so much.

Moving on to something I really want to continue dedicating myself to is working out; I know with skies becoming bluer and more days suitable for swimwear arriving, this is most likely something everyone says at this time of year, and yet only follow through with for two or three weeks at a maximum.
However, for the past six months or so, I have been super-dedicated to working out, toning up, and overall upping my health; I have been sometimes using the app Freeletics (intense, but gets you results!), some workout programmes, and, of course, something I absolutely love to do: running. Usually running in a rural area near me for about 2 miles and doing a basic abs workout, I am already seeing results, which I am extremely pleased with!
Where my diet is concerned, I have promised to myself I will not watch what I eat: already being very small in build and having experienced it before, it takes all possible enjoyment out of a workout routine for me, and leaves me with immense cravings which eventually push me to binge – the recipe for disaster!
I just want to quickly mention that I am not, in any way shape or form, trying to lose any weight; I have no excess weight that I need to lose, and I am aware that if attempted at my age, intentionally losing weight can be a slippery slope. I am genuinely looking to have a bit of toning and, most of all, to become fitter and to become more capable fitness-wise. This is something, to my surpise, I have found I have a passion for: leading and teaching a healthy lifestyle, through both mental and physical aspects!


So, what next?
My plans for this week include home ed, regular trips to the gym, and a cinema trip on Thursday with the mother. I am also going to attempt writing this week – fingers crossed for positive results!

Faye xx


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