What There Is to Know


I am a girl of many names: I have been known to acquaintances as ‘the published author’; ‘the home-educated one’; ‘the daydreamer’. Here, I wish to escape from those labels and simply just be Faye Paige: an almost-thirteen-year-old girl living in rainy England, who has dreams as high as the sky and thoughts as crazy as can be. Here, I plan to write about nothing and everything: whether that be the crappy English weather or current grievances I am undergoing. I have a tendency to turn everything I do into a job, an added pressure on my already-overwhelming work load, and so I plan to make this blog an escape for me, a place to rant and rave, to dream and discuss. I believe, with all of us, that we can put the world to rights in no time – at least in our own minds!

Lets add a little glitter, magic, and moonlight into this world.


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